All of my work is done using a “slow” technique-- each and every piece is made by hand. All my positive energy-- calm, focused and intense-- goes into their creation. No castings or molds are used and I make my own texture plates and tools. 

Each texture, carving and impression is placed just so-- each color and brushstroke considered. I've always worked this way, working into each piece until it reaches perfection in its unique moment. I don't rush, I don't do multiples, I do one-of-a-kind. I want to make something the world has never seen before.

Why do I work like this? In a world where true craftsmanship is rapidly becoming obsolete, my dedication is to true handmade quality. I believe that creative mindfulness is a gift to be passed on to you, my partner in putting this energy out into the world. This is where I choose to make a difference. My joy comes from the making of these adornments. I intend that your joy comes from wearing them.